Seung Ah from Korea at the Folktales House

On Saturday 30th of January, 2016 at 20:30 pm at the Folktales House -Museum of Otherwise, the story teller Seung Ah Kim from South Korea will tell stories in English from the popular oral tradition of her country.

We expect you to come there to enter the magic world of Korean tales with a) the tale of a hungry tiger who is afraid of dry persimmon; and b) with the romantic love story of “Chunghyang-ga”, one of the most well-known and loved musical “pansori” stories in Korea. A strong love achieves to jump over the obstacles erected by various social classes and to finally be the triumphant winner.

The identity of the performance

Title: Storytelling journey to Korea
Storyteller: Seung Ah Kim
Where: The House of Tales- The Museum “Otherwise”
Address: Iosif Ton Rogon 11, Akropolis, Athens, TK 11743
When: Saturday, 30th of January 2016
Time: 20:30 pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Addressed to: Adults and adolescents
Participation fee:
7 Euros, 
5 Euros for unemployed and for families with many children
Booking on:
Telephone: 2104313332

Seminar for adults by Seung Ah KimOn Sunday 31 January 2016, at 13:00- 18:00, at the House of Tales-Museum of Otherwise, Seung Ah Kim from South Korea will present a 5-hour seminar in English with the topic of getting to know “Pansori” and the symbolism in popular tales, the oral tradition and the storytelling in Korea.

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